Look at this post.

On a previous story the guy told a story of someone accessing a URL that would hose a Windows machine, if accessed using Internet Explorer and Windows. They have clearly warned people about it:

“NEVER under any circumstance visit this url using Internet Explorer and Windows … you have been warned.”

But, wonder, there were lots of people that actually accessed it! Read the complete story and the comments he got, if you want some fun. Some examples:

11/25/05 “…and I hold you personally responsible for the damage you inflicted upon my computer. I am turning this over to my attorney in the morning. When he is done with you and your website, you will never hack another computer again…”

11/26/05 “…and how much did Linux pay you to infect our computers? I hope it was alot because when my lawyer is finished, you will be living in a cardboard box…”

2 thoughts on “Unbelievable

  1. Fear not, meatheads like this are not limited in range to the United States.

    We have some complete drongos here in Australia as well — enough to fill our entertainment needs, anyway.

    “Never under any circumstances read any of the warnings or safety precautions. Blip over them even if they’re blinking red 72 point and pull one tiny phrase out of the 8 pint grey fine print near the bottom; be extremely careful to pick the few short words which, taken in isolation, are pretty sure to ruin your day.”

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