Brazil experimenting Internet censorship mechanisms

Brazil is making some experiments that may show the viability of implement Internet censorship mechanisms country-wide. As already noticed by others, YouTube was ordered to shut down by a brazilian judge, some days ago.

It is asked on the linked post: “I’m not sure what the Brazilian court intends to do to enforce this ruling, since YouTube (and its parent company, Google) are based in the US. Will they take steps to try and block access within Brazil?”. The answer seems to be: yes.

There are reports (some info in portuguese) that at least a major ISP in brazil is blocking access to YouTube. As a reader comments on the post, “it is still possible that this is just some sort of screw up on their part” (I hope so). Or, as a a user report says, it may be just that the ISP is “taking advantage of the hype on the case of the model having sex fun on the beach to lower their backbone utilization by blocking one of the main bandwidth-consumer sites.”. I am curious to know how this story will end.

I really hope this will demonstrate that this kind of Internet censorship in Brazil isn’t viable. But unfortunately this shows that the Brazilian Kleptocratic State has some disposition to become China, and that in our country a celebrity’s public image is more important than people’s freedom and ability to easily communicate (not that the court decision really help to change her public image).

By the way, the video that originated all of this is available on Google Video. Don’t expect to see interesting scenes on it.

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