Internet Censorship caused by a judge that doesn’t know how to write

The conclusion of the Internet censorship story is that the judge that ordered the blocking of YouTube cancelled the order. In the document that cancels the previous blocking (in portuguese), he alleges that he never asked the complete blocking of the YouTube site, but only the videos showing Daniela Cicarelli. But this is not what was written on the order he sent to ISPs (in portuguese). The order doesn’t mention any specific video, and asks explicitly that ISPs implement filters to block packets from reaching the YouTube servers, or block packets coming from YouTube servers.

So, now we can say that this country is in another list: the list of countries where judges don’t know how to write.

2 thoughts on “Internet Censorship caused by a judge that doesn’t know how to write

  1. Actually, I think he knows how to write perfectly well. He’s just being a weasel and denying what he said. So you could say we’re in a country where judges act in bad faith, but this is stating a well-known fact.

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