Brazil insisting on Internet Censorship

After the first fiasco, the brazilian judiciary insists that Internet Censorship is a good thing.

I haven’t found any news articles about it in english yet, but you can read
the news in portuguese (or an automated translation). A court ordered the major brazilian ISPs to block another site. Now the target is not a big site, but a tourism agency that got some attention from the brazilian media recently, in news related to sexual tourism in Brazil.

It seems that at least the ISP I am using right now (BrasilTelecom) haven’t implemented the block yet. But considering that on the YouTube blocking case they have done this immediately after receiving the court notification, I think it is just a matter of time until ISPs receive a notification and implement the new block.

This blocking was also ordered because of a “public image protection” lawsuit. Not by a celebrity in this case, but somebody whose picture was taken and published on the site. The sad part is that probably most brazilians will not care this time because it is a small site not targetted to brazilians, and then we have a legal precedent for further Internet blocks caused by stupid reasons.

10 thoughts on “Brazil insisting on Internet Censorship

  1. That is so Brazilian…
    They don’t think in putting efforts to solve the problem of sexual tourism, young girls with no future selling their bodies, giving education or jobs… they put efforts in avoid people give publicity to it…

  2. On last night I was watching a random show produced by the brazilian MTV and I noticed a weird pattern in the speeker’s ideas. Seems to me that brazilian just don’t give a fuck for Internet censorship. Actually, brazilian seems to not give a fuck for anything related to privacy or Internet rights.

    IMHO, the plain idea of censoring people and tracking users are just okay for brazilian, as if it’d do no harm at all. Brazilian (for me) are totally inclined for censorship when THEY ARE on control. Like “censorship is good” when it’s on someone’s life and “fuck off censorship!” when it has something do to with their own business. That’s a simply retarded mentality.

    While watching the mentioned TV show, I also noticed that brazilian usually writes and talk about what they can’t in fact understand. What about swedish rights? What about Eff’s Tor?

    Do you wanna block me? Do you wanna try to “censorshit” this? So go ahead, damn it! We know that it can be worked around. We know that’s a matter of publicity and stupidity.

    Honestly, I don’t give a shit for these issues as well. I just there are many wasy to shut it down if really needed, even if it’s too late.

  3. Sorry, that was fast… the TV show was about Internet censorship and some guests have been affected by this and there was even a moron, ops, a lawyer talking about it.

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  5. Actually, I don’t see it as a real problem and I’m not aware of any successful arresting ’cause that in Brazil. Fortunately, there are still a few smart people out there with enough social or political status to complain loud and clear against such arrests or stupid issues like Cicarelli’s.

    I don’t know about it guys, but the press coverage given to the Cicarelli’s issue really impressed me. I could not find any media company standing by her side, despite MTV.

  6. Hey man, can you send me an email. I’m in Saa Paulo and suddenly my Claro 3G seems to be blocking certain websites for the last 24 hours. One of them is
    I have no trouble accessing Liveleak through proxy servers for the last 24 hours (except that I can’t watch the video because the Free proxy refuse to feed flv)

    But YouTube has little problem. I’ve been able to watch it for the last 24 hours.

    Sometimes I can’t get many websites, but then other websites no troble. Google Search has no trouble.

    I don’t get it.

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